There are two editions. Desktop is for building dashboard as a standalone. The Enterprise Edition is a server based where the Intelligence server hosts the data and the web or mobile client will connect to this running instance. See the website to download the trial edition. The Enterprise edition requires Microsoft IIS Webserver to be installed or Apache tomcat server. These will run Microstrategy Web or Mobile application.

Getting Started

  • Prepare your dataset and connect to data source. First stage is to wrangle your data to clean it up and import the right tables. Microstrategy has several intelligent options to help you do this.
  • Next we begin creating the dynamic Enterprise Dashboard. Here are steps to follow:


  • From Start menu open the Microstrategy developer. Login with Administrator with no password (this is the default upon install).
  • From Start menu open the Microstrategy Web Administrator. Enter your windows user account password to enter the Administrator screen.
  • Enter Adminstrator with no password to access the Tutorial and other sample applications.
  • Once setup select an out of the box dynamic dashboard template in Microstrategy developer and click open. This is where you will layout and add text ans heading to your dashboard.


  • Your dataset should be configured pointing to the data source. Select the Dataset. Then select your data set objects and drop it into the section place holders. Drop Row, Column and Data into the place holders.


  • Click on Add content to select the content format or Chart type to insert.


  • Enter into Graph design mode. Drag and drop data objects in the chart series and metrics.


  • Repeat for the next chart. Enter into Graph design mode. Drag and drop data objects in the chart series and metrics.


  • Define bubble selector to control other grids and graphs by right clicking on field to sort data set by i.e Region.


  • Click on ‘click here’ to manually configure the target charts to control.


  • Select Targets for the selector to control. Check Show Option for All checkbox.


  • Select Flash mode to see how the dashboard works


  • Right click on the chart to tweak the bubble gird size so it view pleasingly.


Now you should be able to click on the Region bubble and update the other charts.

Restarting Microstrategy Intelligence Server Instances

When Microstrategy Web doesn’t allow you to connect or the number of connections in the pool is exhausted you can restart the service to free up system resource.

Go to Start > Microstrategy Tools > Service Manager. > Start / Stop / Restart as shown below.

 Microstrategy Server Amdin Restarting Service



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